Dhovemi Shafeeq is a self taught artist and designer from The Maldives, currently based in London, England. 
As the Creative Executive Director / Lead Designer of Maldivian lifestyle fashion brand, Viyeni Raajje, Dhovemi has designed a catalog of unique products based around the ideas of simplicity and sustainability.  With bold minimalistic designs, he has helped Viyeni Raajje become one of the top lifestyle brands in The Maldives. 
Under the alias "Kalaminjaa", Dhovemi explores his own personal artstyle. Exploring Maldivian culture and socio-economic topics through the use of collage. His works are often accompanied by asemic writings and a unique typography, also developed by Dhovemi.
Dhovemi has worked with various different organisations, ranging from investment Firms to sports clubs, to create initial brand imagery and marketing material. In addition to this, Dhovemi has also worked with several musicians to create cover art for their songs / albums. 
Featured Product designs : https://www.instagram.com/viyeniraajje/
Personal art page :  https://www.instagram.com/kalaminjaaa/

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